210A Welder Generator

BOYIDUN AXQ-210A Welder Generator, specially designed for 2.5-4.0mm welding rod. The max. output is 2.2kw. Metal panel, reliable frame and fuel tank. AVR, stabilizes the output power.


Chongqing BOYIDUN AXQ-210A Welder Generator

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Metal panel, reliable frame and fuel tank

Wide Welding Current Regulation, siuts for 2.5-4.0mm Welding Rod

Welding & Generating dual use, more economical

adopts rare-earth permanent magnet and efficiency can reach 90%.

The characteristics of our welder generator

1.    The permanent magnet motor

1)    The stator adopts high conductivity silicon steel, which is good performance and small temperature rise.

2)    The rotor adopts rare-earth permanent magnet, which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, low copper loss and iron loss and high power. The efficiency of it can reach 90%. This is what the excitation motor can't do.

2.    Intermediate frequency

1)    The permanent magnet motor sends 500Hz intermediate frequency current and the current is converted into the DC current by the rectifier control system. The DC current was required by welding.

2)    For welder, the Intermediate frequency welder has better effect, for example, the welding is more smooth and continuous. It can be used on any welding rod, including argon arc welding.

3)    The Intermediate frequency welder is high-grade welder. It is especially suitable for pipeline and railway project.

3.    The control system

The current adopts the mechanical gap adjustment mode, which abandon the high fault thyristor electronic component and now the failure rate of the control system is very low.

4.    Accessory power supply

It will supply 2kw DC power when welding, which is suitable for lighting, angle grinder, grinding wheel and other power tools. It can use them at the same time and it is very important in engineering construction because it can save a lot of manpower and improve the efficiency.


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